Collective Space Incubator (C.S.I)

Want to earn a living while making the world a better place? Apply now for our Social Enterprise Business Incubator and get the support you need. The Collective Space Incubator is a request based support system for local entrepreneurs, innovators, and activists. Apply to join our incubator program and get access to resources that will help you turn your intentions to reality. 

Get ready to dream, to plan, to do, and then to celebrate!

What to expect:

This incubator project is intended to help you make your passion possible, to make it easier for you to launch/create/develop your project, business, campaign, or idea! We are leveraging support in the community from local business owners, facilitators, space-holders, nonprofits, and supporting our members.

• Acceptance into C.S.I. entails simply an agreement to complete what each member commits to completing.
• You will get the opportunity to: use coworking space at Collective Space, attend workshops and classes for free, get support for your project and how to meet them, request we organize workshops that would help you, and much more!
• Active participation is encouraged for learning sessions, peer-mentoring, and other events, the only mandatory aspect is to work with us to create your Entrepreneur Action Plan and be accountable to it.
• Begin with an open mind and a willingness to learn and explore.
• Take responsibility and be accountable by using your EAP: Entrepreneur Action Plan. You will create this once accepted into this program, and use it to follow through with commitment made to your project.

What you get from the Collective Space Incubator is what you put into it. Come with your dreams, and leave with your achievements!

Open format to fit your needs!

Any questions? Contact us at [email protected]